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Top 9 Basic Foods That Will Benefit Your Body

It is very easy to follow the basic food diet because it is very easy to identify a basic food from an acid-forming food. There is some basic food that is not popularly known based on some official acid-base tables such as nougat spread, jam, ice cream, wine etc.

Why do people associate basic food with healthy food? The reason for this question is because we do no classify basic food as a standard for determining healthy food. How do you know if a food has been officially classified as a basic food?

When testing to determine if a food is basic, the food will first be burned and then its ashes will be placed under observation. The test is to detect how sour the ashes taste after burning. The burning process is a replication of the combustion process in food digestion. In the process of burning, one will be able to understand if the food has high acid-forming amino acids. These are scientifically sufficient to determine if a food is basic and if it is not it will be classified as an acid-forming food.

There is also more to testing the basic potential of a food. To determine food that is both basic and healthy, it must pass through eight levels of tests as opposed to the two levels earlier mentioned.

Benefits of Basic Foods

1. Rich in basic minerals and trace elements

All basic foods have rich basic minerals and trace elements such as calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium etc. They have very low acid-forming amino acid content like cysteine and methionine. If a person consumes excess acidic amino acids found in fish, meat, eggs, sesame or excess soy, the amino acids will decompose and sulfuric acid will be formed.

2. Enhances body formation

One of the benefits of eating basic foods is that it improves the body’s basic formation. It helps in providing bitter substances that will enhance the basic formation in the body. By consuming basic food, you will be able to eliminate excessive acidic metabolism residues known as slags.

3. Helps improve body functions

Another important fact about basic foods is that they also contain antioxidants, phytochemicals, chlorophyll, vitamins etc. that help develops the body and gives it strength. Basic foods help to improve the body’s immune system and improve organ functions. One can also get high water content from basic foods which will help keep the body hydrated. The essence of this high water content to help eliminate acids or slags that are in the kidneys.

4. Helps reduce inflammation

Another important feature of basic foods is that it has anti-inflammatory benefits. Basic foods are rich in antioxidants and have high nutrient value including fatty acids. Diseases that are commonly associated with chronic latent inflammation are rheumatism, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and arteriosclerosis. Sometimes the inflammation may not be easily noticed initially in these diseases but causes endogenous acid formation in the body. By consuming basic foods, it not only reduces the risk of inflammation but also removes the excess acidity in the body that can cause inflammation.

5. It aids digestion

Basic foods have so many benefits which also includes aiding the digestive system. It helps prevent intestinal problems by eliminating accumulated acids that will prevent food from digesting or form slags.

The Top 9 Basic Foods

After looking at the benefits of basic foods in the body, we have listed out nine (9) foods that can be officially classified as basic foods. The following foods have met all the requirements found in basic foods:

1. Dandelion

The dandelion plant is very rich in iron and is usually recommended to people who have iron deficiency. Aside from its rich iron content, it also enhances the body’s digestive system by enabling the body to reabsorb iron. The dandelion plant contains up to 3mg of iron in every 100grams while in powder form it contains 15 to 20mg of iron in every 100 grams.

An interesting fact about the dandelion plant is that it starts its healing process immediately after it is consumed. One will begin to notice the effect in the digestive system as it begins to regulate the circulation of the digestive juices. It begins its function to improve the body’s basic formation and cleanses the intestine. When it is consumed, one will later notice improvements such as reduced bloating, diminished flatulence and resolved convulsions. The dandelion plant’s root has a substance known as inulin which works in the intestinal flora to promote regeneration.

This miracle plant is also known for its medicinal purpose in curing liver-bile. It also helps in the treatment of hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and bile stones. It helps the liver regenerate during the process of detoxifying the body. Another benefit of the dandelion plant is that it helps reduce inflammation internally and externally. The dandelion juice can be placed on top of the inflamed area on the skin.

The dandelion plant also controls blood glucose. It is very rich in potassium and is widely known as an all-around starch. The dandelion plant is also very recommended as food for people dealing with urinary tract diseases because of its diuretic properties.

One can consume this plant as a salad or make it as tea, smoothies, shakes etc. The dandelion plant is also sold in powder form which makes it very easy to store. The powder form comes in two types, the dandelion leaf powder, and the dandelion root powder. It is also available in herbal form.

2. Stinging Nettle

This is another very good plant and it contains a lot of nutrients. The stinging nettle has over six times more calcium than what you can find in consuming milk and over six times content of vitamin C more than orange. This miracle plant acts as a detoxifier and is also used for healing. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is considered as one of the recommended treatments for inflammatory diseases such as ulcerative colitis and Chron’s disease.

The stinging nettle is also very good for people struggling with rheumatism, hair loss, prostate issues, cancer, and breastfeeding. It also improves the body’s immune system and helps in discharging slag. The stinging nettle can be taken in its leaf powder form and its seeds can also be eaten.

3. Parsley

This is a meal which a lot of people have missed its actual value by disposing of. Most people consider parsley for decorating a meal and not part of the meal. It actually has a high potassium content compared to other herbs. Parsley is also a good source of magnesium, calcium, vitamins, chlorophyll, and iron as it has these nutrients in very large quantities.

This ingredient is also a good detoxifier and increases the discharge of acidic forming residues through the intestine and kidneys. Parsley also acts as a healing agent and aids digestion with its anti-inflammatory properties. When consumed it eliminates carcinogenic substances from the lungs. It isn’t just a decoration for a dish as most people consider it to be and should not be tossed in the bin now that its nutritional properties have been discovered. It can be consumed in leaf powder.

4. Spinach

This is also an essential basic food that comes with its benefits. Spinach is a popular plant that is known to grow within a short time with the aid of fertilizers. With the excess fertilizers used, it can cause the leave to be watery and sprout large leaves but it would contain excess nitrate content. It is better to consume the organic form of spinach which is usually grown in organic farms. These type of spinach are more nutritious than the artificially grown spinach. The organic spinach contains a moderate amount of nitrate which helps to nourish the mitochondria found in muscle cells. The nitrate is what the body uses to form a nitric oxide which has anti-inflammatory, blood vessel-expanding, and anti-thrombotic properties. It is a recommended diet for people who are struggling with cardiovascular diseases. Spinach will give a person more energy and strengthen the muscles.

Medical professionals have prescribed that up to 200 to 300grams of spinach should be consumed daily and that it will begin to show positive results three days after consumption. One will find improvements in the mitochondria. Spinach can be taken as a vegetable smoothie when blended with other fruits especially almond. To enjoy the benefits of spinach, it can be mixed with a spoon of nettle and parsley to make an excellent drink.

5. Dry Figs

Basic foods are not strictly restricted to green plants. It also comes in sugar-sweet fruits from fig trees. The roots of the fig tree have very interesting qualities that make it very good for the body. During the dry season, the fig tree root can reach deep down under the ground in search of water, unlike other trees. The grains produced by the fig tree are very strong and nutritious.

It falls just a little below parsley with its high potassium properties. It also contains rich calcium as well as iron. The dry fig is also a good source of dietary fibers and helps to promote digestion.

As much as this basic food is good for the body, it is also very scarce. It is not advisable to purchase dry figs from a supermarket because the ones you find there could be made of sulfur, mixed with white flour and dried at unhealthy high temperatures. If the dry figs are bought from an organic farm, it would be an unsweetened dry fig which has been properly dried. Figs are very juicy when consumed.

6. Green Cabbage

Cabbage is a very nutritious basic food that contains essential minerals and vitamins. It helps to treat anti-inflammatory problems and improves the immune system. Cabbages have been recommended as a drug for the treatment of cancer. It contains a high content of vitamin K which is very good for blood circulation and works well in the blood vessels. It also has twice the value of calcium you can find in milk and helps to promote strong bones.

Cabbage also has phytochemicals like zeaxanthin and lutein. It helps to improve eyesight and also has beta-carotene in high quantity. If you have battled with seeing clearly at night, it pays to start consuming cabbage chips to improve your vision.

7. Black Radish

Black radish is not a common basic fruit but most people know the red and white radishes which are similar to it. All radishes are very nutritious and contain minerals, vitamins, and trace elements. They are also commonly associated with isothiocyanates which are the plant’s secondary substance. Black radishes have a lot of health benefits. It is used essentially for its anti-arthritis and anti-cancer properties which makes it a great choice for daily meals. It also has a positive effect on the body’s hormones and can be used as a reliever for PMS discomforts and menopausal problems. The reason for the hormonal properties is as a result of the presence of isothiocyanates which can also be found in white and green cabbage. This substance helps to eliminate toxins in the hormone system.

Black radish also has detoxifying properties as well as antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. By consuming cabbage and radish, the body’s glutathione-S-transferase will be increased. This complex compounds can be eradicated when it undergoes its regular metabolic processes. The glutathione-S-transferase is an enzyme that is responsible for binding toxins to the glutathione. Radishes are a very powerful detoxifier and detoxify the whole body system. It increases the formation of digestive juices to aid digestion and improves the functions of the intestine.

It is best consumed by making a simple recipe of black radish in potato radish soup, the meal can be prepared by peeling and dicing 300grams of potation, adding 150 grams of peeled and sliced black radishes, finely chopped garlic, one tablespoon of olive oil, half peeled and diced onions, 400 to 500ml of vegetable broth , 3 tablespoons of white almonds and 100ml of organic cream.

8. Cucumbers

Cucumbers have very high water content and contain very few minerals. They are also very good because of their low-calorie content. The water contained in cucumber are very good detoxifiers and can be used to purify the system.

Cucumber water is usually consumed to reverse the effects of hangovers during breakfast. To enjoy this basic food, you can use half cucumber, with half unpeeled and untreated lemon, fresh mint stems and 500ml water. Mix these ingredients together and put ice cubes before consuming. This mixture helps to clear your heat and remove bad taste from your mouth.

Cucumber also contains substances like pinoresinol, lariciresinol, and seccoisolarciresinol which are used to treat cardiovascular diseases. It also has anti-inflammatory problems and improves the body’s immune system to fight against cancer cells.

9. Grasses

When talking about grasses we can look at the benefit of wheat, spelled grass, barley etc. These grasses contain potassium, iron, and magnesium. They also help to promote the body’s basic formation. Grasses also help to improve the digestive system and have anti-inflammatory benefits. They work independently to manage the acid-base balance in the body. They are also recommended for its anti-cancer, antibacterial and antimycotic properties. This basic food improves the body’s immune system and is also a very good detoxifier. It provides the body with vitamin K and folic acid.


You can easily combine all these nine basic foods in your daily meal plan. We recommend the smoothies to be taken as breakfast which will include spinach, dandelion, nettle, and parsley. You can later eat a whole meal with cucumbers and have a cereal drink of wheat and barley for lunch. Another option is to have a potato radish soup for dinner and can snack with crispy green cabbage chips.

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