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7 Most Effective Ways to Combat Age

In this article, you will learn seven ways you can alter your age, to look so much younger, that the age in your passport does not look like your real age.

Carolyn Adams Miller, the Author of “Creating a Better Life,” says” it is possible to bring back the positive outlook you had when you were younger. She notes that optimism has a significant effect on the quality of your life, and is essential for a healthy and happy life.

1. Sleep early

Henry lodge the co-author of” Younger Next Year for Women” says that your body recovers when you dream. She also says that sleeps helps your brain and body to rejuvenate. Go to bed early and ensure you get at least eight hours of sleep daily for six weeks. Six weeks is the time it takes to form a habit so after this period. You will realize that the dark circles under your eyes will disappear and your energy will increase.

2. Eat revitalizing food

Henry Lodge says, it’s important to start every meal with fruits,vegetables, and a glass of water. fruits and vegetables have antioxidants that can increase your energy.

If around 90 %of your meal is healthy and beneficial, you can allow yourself to enjoy dessert. Eat that ice-cream and enjoy it! , just like when you were a kid.

3. Work your muscles

Bob Greene, the coach and Author of “20 years younger,” says that when you do strength training correctly, it can make you feel 10, 20, or even 30 years younger. He says proper strength training makes your muscle fibers strong and thicker. This makes you tougher and less prone to injuries.

Bob advises, to focus on the torso and the lower body. Use a set of dumbbells to do 2 or 3 10- squats and 10 lunge sets 2 or 3 times a week.

4. Be a little Vain

Being concerned about your appearance has a lot of power, for instance by watching yourself and applying face creams.

Vivian Diller, Ph.D. and author of, “Face It” says trying to look great at any age is very different from trying to look 10 years younger.

When you extend the vitality of your body, hair, and skin, it makes you feel younger and way more confident. Treat yourself to that salon visit without feeling sorry about it!

5. Try new things

Miller says, even when you eat right, apply face cream and do weight training. It can become a routine and this can make you start to feel old again. This is because the mind is yearning for novelty. To feel younger, go and meet new people and try new things.

Make small changes like drinking your morning latte in a different cafe or using a new route. Miller defines it as electroconvulsive therapy for your behavior, he adds that’s it’s not as painful as it sounds

6. Go back to the past

You may think that Listening to music or watching movies from your younger days can make you feel ancient. But doing such things has a positive effect on your emotions.
A study done by Harvard University showed that people placed in conditions that reminded them of their youth had a remarkable improvement in their memory, vision, health, and happiness.

7. Be optimistic

As you grow older, you naturally start to get gloomier than when you were 18. This is mostly because of the experiences you have had. And the awareness of the bad things in the world. For this reason, doing away with inner negativity is the last step to feeling younger.

Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D. author of the book “A Happy You,” says denying the less pleasant things that are happening is not the goal, but focusing on what is going well.

Lombardo says if you are going on a romantic vacation with your partner and the flight delays tell yourself you are on your way to your destination. An optimistic outlook will give you positive energy.

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