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4 Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Skin

Most of the summer we spend outdoors, whether traveling, on the beach or in a swimming pool, and sometimes forget that we expose our skin to situations that cause damage, so it is very important to know how to protect your skin these days when the sun burns strong and the desire to do outdoor activities increases.

That's why today we give you 4 tips to take care of your skin:

1. Use sunscreen

The key to protecting your skin from the sun is using sunscreen. You should apply it when doing outdoor activities like exercises outside the house, going to the beach, walking in the park or practicing any sport under the sun.

Remember that UVB/UVA rays can cause your skin to become clogged, rough, wrinkly, and, in the worst case, they can cause the appearance of melanomas.

2. Hydrate your skin well

Summer makes our skin dry more than normal, so it is important to keep it hydrated, to avoid the damage that high temperatures, sea salt and pool chlorine can cause.

Remember that you must be more careful with the skin of your face, as this is usually more prone to damage because it is much more delicate and sensitive. That is why it is ideal that periodically and especially during the summer time, you have a specialist apply a treatment for facial hydration. This will guarantee you a smooth skin that is less prone to sun damage during the summer.

3. Drink plenty of water

Water is the healthiest drink par excellence. Drinking plenty of water will keep your body healthy inside and out. You will notice the great difference in how well your skin will look! In addition, drinking water increases your energy, so you can enjoy the summer in the best way possible.

4. Exfoliate your skin

Above all, before visiting the beach, it's advisable to remove all imperfections and impurities from your skin and prepare it to receive the rays of the sun in the best way. It is advisable to go through a professional exfoliation treatment in which the specialist will suggest the best products you need according to your skin type.

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