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Who we are

Doctoralexa is company based in Texas. We provide a simple and convenient way for our patients to engage with their healthcare providers remotely from the comfort of their homes. We are committed to extending the option of allowing our patients take control of their health through virtual care.

Our team is comprised of compassionate healthcare providers, IT technicians, and Engineers. Together we form a team that brings you a complete health care service that is convenient and affordable.

What we do

Our goal is to provide low cost telehealth care online through on online doctor or labs online.  You now get affordable high-quality healthcare service online that is available to all. Our mission is to transform health care by allowing the general public direct access to an online doctor in the USA, and/or allow you to order Labs Online, without a doctor’s visit.  Our low cost healthcare online services are paid by a credit card online without health insurance.  We want to deliver a faster access where you can get immediate healthcare today.   Our healthcare online servcies lead to improved positive outcomes and make you feel better today!

Meet Some of Our Team Members

Rafael F. Miranda, PAC, MPAS, MBA In Healthcare Administration

CEO and founder of Healthy Checkup, PA Miranda is an online healthcare specialist in Susanville, CA.  His medical specialization is family and urgent care medicine with more than 25 years of experience.
He has completed an MBA in Healthcare Administration and is nation certified with NCCPA. He specializes in treating providing low cost healthcare services online in the USA, for any with, or without health insurance.

He has a wide breadth of knowledge in preventative medicine and emphasizes on preventative care for all. He explores many options and low cost healthcare online choices for anyone looking for Telehealth In The USA. He enjoys working with diverse population and welcomes new patients.

He provides fast and affordable, basic healthcare options online for adults and families too.  Healthcare online health plans start at $29.99/mo for an adult and $99.99/mo for the entire family up to 6 family members.  Get healthcare online for many different basic and urgent medical conditions. He also offers health education through video counseling about wellness and disease prevention, etc.

Medical Specialties


Education and background


  • Physician Assistant Certified (PAC)

Education and training

  • PA Miranda graduated from Standford University in 1998 and then received his masters degree in Physician Assistant Studies from Nebraska Medical Center in 2002.  He obtained an MBA from Jack Welch Institute in 2020.

Languages spoken

  • English
  • Spanish

Contact Information

  • Healthy Checkup Insurance Services, LLC
  • www.healthycheckup.com
  • 4119 Johnsontonville Road, 270695 Susanville, CA 96130
  • 1-(888) 468-4387  (888) In The USA  email@healthycheckup.email
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